LatenceTech live at major trade shows

LatenceTech recently participated at two major telecom trade shows where we officially presented our solution to the “world” and perform live demos of our real-time monitoring solution for 5G and Private Cellular Networks and gave a glimpse of our new advanced analytics The first event we participated was Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas onContinue reading “LatenceTech live at major trade shows”

Industrial use cases requiring 5G ultra-low latency

While developing our value proposition and our SAAS & AI-based solution, we pondered a lot about which consumer or industrial use cases (or innovative service) are required now or will soon require ultra-low latency (below 15 milliseconds) combine with very high reliability. New categories of applications require high network reliability and very low latency communicationContinue reading “Industrial use cases requiring 5G ultra-low latency”