Product documentation


Solution Datasheet

Follow the above link for a short and concise datasheet about our real-time cloud-native monitoring and prediction solution for cellular networks with a focus on ultra-low latency connectivity.

Mobile App Datasheet

Follow the above link to get our Datasheet related to our Mobile Latency Measurement application bringing users the ability to perform real-time network and protocol-based latency spot checks, providing instant results that are displayed on the screen. These live results are also sent to our advanced analytics platform, Analyzer, which combines them with your device geolocation data to create on demand latency heatmaps and real-time quality indicators such as latency stability and volatility.

Technical Documentation

Follow the above link to access our technical documentation listing requirements, installation procedures, release notes, deployment considerations and access to online support and FAQ.

Onboarding Guide for Mobile App

Onboarding guide to help setup the mobile application in a few minutes.