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LatenceTech offers a cloud-native container-based active monitoring solution to track, predict & monetize Quality and Latency of Public and Private 5G networks.

Our Patent pending & container-based solution is composed of three components that can be quickly and easily deployed to fit your specific end-to-end network and application monitoring needs. A QoSAgent, performing end-to-end active measurements using multiple network and IP protocols; A Reflector, acting as the target for the network link to be monitored and the Analyzer™ a real-time data streaming platform running analytics, predictions and providing aggregated and granular observability of network quality and latency metrics using predefined dashboards complemented by threshold alerting and APIs. Here’s an high level representation of the solution.

LatenceTech real-time latency Monitoring and Analytics solution

Solution components

  • QoS Agent: Collects network Quality of Service measurements and sends results to the Analyzer. Supports the following IP protocols: ICMP, TCP/UDP, HTTP/S, TWAMP; Network path protocol: Traceroute and bandwidth measurement protocol Iperf3. Packaged as a Docker container that can be easily deployed on 5G/LTE/WIFI modem, smartphone or WIFI connected device, or EDGE node, OpenShift/OpenStack environments, as a CNF/VNF on a virtual machine or any Linux-based server. A typical deployment would be done in a few minutes.
  • Reflector: Target or Endpoint for QoS Agent, responds to requests from agents and sends back measurements. Packaged as a Docker container that can be easily deployed on an Mobile EDGE (MEC) node, or as a CNF/VNF on a virtual machine or any Linux-based server. A typical deployment would be done in a few minutes.
  • Analyzer: Collects, stores, and performs real-time analysis of the measurement results. Offers ready-to-use real-time dashboards to view results. Offers open APIs to export data.  Deployed as Docker containers on a virtual machine or any Linux-based server. Optionally it can be hosted on LatenceTech’s cloud. A typical deployment would take less than one hour.
  • Mobile Application: smartphone implementation of the QoSAgent available on both Android and IoS. When running on a mobile phone, we can complement the quality and latency measurements with the phone GPS location enabling the creating of live latency heatmaps. Refer to Mobile app section below for details.

LatenceTech solution can be quickly deployed as all components are packaged as Container Network Function (CNF) using Docker and/or Podman technology and are compatible several environments including Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Several QoS Agents can be deployed to actively monitor diverse network links aiming at the same Reflector. QoS agents can also be positioned on network nodes such as a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) node to get quality and latency results per segments. Reflectors are typically deployed onto or near the server supplying application data. The Analyzer can be deployed on premises or on a private, hybrid or public cloud.

Packaged Real-time Dashboards available today:

  • Compact Network Summary Dashboard with both Application and Network Latency, multi-protocol latency levels and Network Stability and Latency Volatility KPIs.
  • Detailed Latency Dashboard offering granular latency details per Network, IP and industrial protocols.
  • Latency Comparison to differentiate quality and latency indicators between to end-to-end network path or for segmented analysis.
  • Latency Forecasts offering latency predictions for the next 90 seconds with lower and upper limits. Easy to configure with multiple thresholds generating alarms to anticipate any safety or business continuity impacts due to latency variations.
  • Latency Heatmap plotting latency levels on a geographical map (available with the Mobile Application or when the QoSAgent is able to obtain location data)
  • Bandwidth and Route Tracing Dashboards showing throughput results using both tcp and udp and mapping the network routes taking by your data.
  • Analyzer Monitoring Dashboard to follow the status of the Analyzer platform.

Technical Specifications

All solutions components are packaged as easily deployable Docker containers (on Linux of Windows) A limited & configurable set of ports needs to be opened on the Reflector & Analyzer. Typical measurement sampling rate is every 2 seconds but configurable as low as 0.1 second. Data consumption per QoS Agent (excluding bandwidth tests), using typical sampling, averages 50Mb per day or 1Gb per month.

Typical component host requirements chart

Refer to this link to our technical documentation and this page for product ressources.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

LatenceTech has performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its solution to measure the ongoing energy consumption and carbon footprint of several types of deployments. In most cases, our solution is more energy efficient than traditional passive approach monitoring systems. Contact us for details on our LCA assessment.

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Professional Services

We also offer professional services related to Consulting and System Integration as detailed below:

  • Consulting Services related 5G and Private LTE Quality of Service. LatenceTech would use its own tools to perform an assessment of the QoS of your wireless network with a special focus on Ultra Low Latency and High Reliability. The report would include insights and recommendations how ways to enhance quality of service of your network. Results would also include all collected data and aggregated KPIs that you can use for further analysis. Such service has been implemented on Encqor Innovation 5G network deployed in 5 cities in Canada. Please contact us for more details.
  • System integration services. In developing our solution, LatenceTech has gain high expertise in real-time AI/ML, real-time data collection and streaming, advanced time-series analysis, real-time data visualisation, cloud-based orchestration and deployment, etc. These skills are available for short term system integration or software development project related to wireless network QoS. Please contact us for more details.

Mobile application

Available on both IoS and Android, it offers the ability to perform “latency spot checks”. Results are directly displayed on the app and also sent to the Analyzer, together with the geolocation, to perform analysis and live visualisation of latencies on maps. The mobile Application can act also as a QosAgent (see details above).

There are two version of the mobile application. A free trial version downloadable from Google or Apple store under the name “Mobile Latency Measurement” or using the QR code below. A “Pro” version, requiring a license, is also available with the capability to define you own Reflectors and Analyzer platforms. Contact us for details.

Trial proposal

We offer 90 days low cost trial package for you to test our solution on your 5G, EDGE or your Private LTE/5G Cellular and even WIFI6 network. A typical trial would involve the following items and activities:

  • Prior to the trial start, we sign a trial agreement and then organize up to two sessions of one hour to present the solution, ways of working, configuration settings and explain how to deploy it for your specific use case making sure it provides full benefits to you and your organization.
  • Deploy our real-time LatenceTech active measurement software called QoSAgent (deployed as container) on your preferred linux machine (modem, IoT device, PC, industrial equipment, EDGE node, or server) to collect network quality and latency data, in real-time, from your 5G/PLTE network. The QoSAgent shall be close by or collocated with the application or service to be monitored. Multiple agents can be deployed.
  • Deploy our real-time LatenceTech End Point or Target software called Reflector (deployed as container) on your preferred linux machine (Virtual Machine, EDGE node, Control System or Server) to answer and respond to the agents. The Reflector shall be deployed near by the server “serving” the monitored application or service.
  • Deploy our real-time LatenceTech analytics platform software called Analyzer (deployed as containers) on your preferred linux machine (on permises server, Virtual Machine on your own private network or on the cloud) receiving measurement results and performing the real-time analysis.
  • Define and implement security credentials and mesures for the solution.
  • Periodic sync e.g. once a week (or on demand) to make sure the solution works to your full satisfaction.
  • Host on demand training for your staff and setup online support credentials.
  • Following the trial, we will organize a 2 hours debrief & feedback session.

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