Our Product:

A SAAS & AI-based solution to track, predict and monetize 5G Quality of Service to B2B

LatenceTech offers a Application Performance Management (APM) solution to track, predict and monetize, in real-time, 5G Quality of Service towards the B2B Industrial segment.

The solution includes special functions specially targeted at monetizing the new strengths of 5G which are the ultra-low latency & high reliability also known as URLLC (Ultra-reliable low-latency communication) enabling mobile operators to sign premium priced 5G contracts for the industrial segment and track, in real-time, contractual commitments of each B2B customer.

Snapshot from Encqor’s 5G network live trail

Our solution is SAAS-based running on either a private & secured instance (dedicated per mobile operator) on our cloud (running on AWS or Azure) or your own cloud environment (hybrid or on your prefered cloud provider).

The solution includes our specific data collection agent software that can be deployed on any 5G device (5G modem, 5G connected equipment like a robot, truck, etc.) or on your EDGE environment, as a container or as a Virtual Machine.

In a typical deployment, measurements are collected continuously 24/7 and resulting metrics are forwarded to the private & secured instance to processing and aggregation. Results, in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be made available via several dashboards and SLA reports. Simple to complex thresholds and rules can be defined and validated in real-time. When the results are outside targets, alarms will be generated and sent via email or using your prefered API directly to your management systems (e.g. OSS, NMS or Orchestrator).

Furthermore, AI/ML-based specific models for 5G will also be executed in real-time to perform advanced analytics such as:

  • Predictive Analysis – to forecast, in real-time, network latency and reliability in the future, giving you insights to perform preventive maintenance and avoid network issues
  • Decomposition Analysis – to understand, in real-time, the split in low-latency sub-components such as Propagation time in ms, Routing time, Transmission time, Queuing Time, etc.
  • Anomaly Detection – to detect, in real-time, anomalies and suspect variances in the low-latency end-to-end metrics.
  • Comparative Analysis – to compare, in real-time, latency and reliability metrics between 5G sites.
  • and more to come… all in real-time! here’s a few snapshots of the realtime 5G dashboards:

These models will generated true insights and qualified suggestions into what issues to address to resolve and improve the 5G KPIs and avoid breach in your customer SLAs.

LatenceTech has also developped a “business model innovation”… a new approach aimed at 5G Mobile Operators helping them monetize sustained low-latency 5G connectivity to the industrial sector supported by a real-time smart and AI-based monetization tool.

Please contact us for more details on the SLA monitization functions.

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Open data Policy: your data (collected raw, aggregated, etc. on our SAAS platform) will be fully accessible to for you to copy and/or perform additionnal analysis/transformation and can be interfaced with you existing systems.

Responsible AI: LatenceTech has signed the Montréal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence. Reference here

Trials & Proof of Concept

We offer 90 days free-of-charge trial (proof of concept) to test our solution in your specific environment. A typical trial would involve the following items and activities:

  • Prior to the trial start, we sign a trial agreement and then organize up to two sessions of one hour to present the solution, ways of working, configuration settings and explain how to use so it provides full benefits to you and your organization.
  • Deploy our real-time LatenceTech collection software (deployed as a container or VM) on your preferred linux machine (device, PC, industrial equipment or server) to collect data, in real-time, from your 5G network.
  • Define login/password credentials to implement a secure access to our SAAS environment and use of pre-configured dashboards to view the aggregated latency, reliability and other 5G network indicators. Your measurements will be securely stored on our SAAS environment.
  • Setup ML models to perform real-time detection of anomalies and configure system to receive alarms when thresholds are met or exceeded via email or API
  • We will touch base once a week (or on demand) to make sure the solution works to your satisfaction.
  • We will host on demand training for your staff and setup email-based support.
  • Following the trial, we will organize a 1 hour debrief & feedback session and jointly perform the live destruction of your data (unless to decide to continue with us).

Contact us for more infos on a trial