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Commercial Solution

The following solutions are under development with a release date of summer 2021.

Please find below the latest recording of the product demonstration (as of May 2021):

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  1. Latency & Reliability tracking & predicting solution for 5G Mobile Network Operators :
    • Supporting:
      • 5G NR & SA, 4G/LTE networks including CAT-M1 and NB-IoT
      • Other connectivity technologies (LoRA, WiFi, Ethernet, etc.)
  2. SLA Monitizer solution for 5G Mobile Network Operators
    • Supporting Bonus-Malus based approach facilitating selling 5G URLLC at a premium of +20% vs. regular pricing and having the tools to monitor your contractual engagements.

Both solutions are cloud-based running on a private & secured instance (dedicated per customer) on our cloud or your cloud (hybrid or any prefered cloud provider).

It includes data collection agent software that can be installed on any collection device or on your EDGE environment, as a container or as a Virtual Machine.

In a typical deployment, measurements are collected continously and resulting metrics are forwarded to the private & secured instance to processing and aggregation. Results, in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be made available via several dashboards and SLA reports. Simple to complex thresholds can be defined and when met or exceeded, alarms will be generated and sent via email or API to your management systems (e.g. OSS or NMS).

AI/ML-based functions will be executed on periodic fashion to perform predictive analysis and provide forecasting data. It will also perform Time Series Analysis to understand the behavior of latency and reliability variations and provide plausible descriptions of components generating oscillations. This generated insights shall give you “lines of thought” into what issues to address to improve the KPIs and avoid breach in your SLAs.

Open data Policy: your data (collected raw, aggregated, etc.) will be accessible to for you to copy and/or perform additionnal analysis/transformation and can be interfaced with you existing systems.

Contact us for more details and to plan a demo.

Trials & Proof of Concept

We offer 30 days trials free-of-charge/proof of concept upon request. A typical trial would involve the following items and activities:

  • Prior to the trial start, we will organize a 1 hour session to present the solution and explain how to use so it provides full benefits to you.
  • Use of our latency and reliability collection software (deployed as a container) on your prefered linux machine (device, PC or server) to collect data from your 5G network
  • Login/password credential to access to our secured SAAS environment and use of pre-configured dashboards to view the aggregated latency, reliability and other network indicators. Your measurements will be securely stored on our SAAS environment.
  • Ability to receive alarms if threshold met or exceeded via email
  • Following the trial, we will organize a 1 hour debrief & feedback session and jointly perform the live destruction of your data (unless to decide to continue with us).

Contact use the contact from below to request a trial.

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