August 8th – Taipei. DigiTimes Asia article by Jonathan Kaplan on LatenceTech solution and technology. Download a copy here.

August 7th – Montreal. LatenceTech is thrilled to announce our selection in the prestigious Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) AutoTech program! We are incredibly proud to be part of this cutting-edge cohort, where we’ll be showcasing the power of our real-time software in revolutionizing the way we monitor the quality and latency of 5G connectivity in connected cars and vehicles.

With our innovative solutions, we aim to support new and groundbreaking use cases, including self-driving vehicles, identifying the perfect moments for car logs and stats uploads, and seamlessly performing software updates and content downloads. The era of Connected Cars is just around the corner, and with the advent of 5G technology, it will undoubtedly become a significant public use case. At LatenceTech, we’re determined to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Canadian government for recognizing our potential and selecting us to participate in the AutoTech program. This opportunity will undoubtedly accelerate our growth, open doors to new possibilities, and drive us to create even more impactful solutions for the automotive industry.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this thrilling journey with CTA AutoTech. Follow our page to join us on this exciting ride, as we continue to pave the way for a faster, safer, and more connected automotive future!

The CTA helps Canadian companies with an existing technology or product in the sectors of digital and information communication technologies, cleantech and life sciences to explore business opportunities in global tech hubs. Established in 2013, the CTA program is run by Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS). Since 2013, more than 1000 companies have participated in the program, reporting $742 million new capital raised; $298 million new revenue generated; and over 1100 new partnerships and 3100 new jobs created. 

June 5th – Montreal. LatenceTech is proud to announce the successful completion of its first R&D project supported by advisory services and funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) called, “Improved and created AI models for detection, prediction, and root cause analysis of latency issues on 5G networks.” Results from this project have been included into our products with latency anomaly detection and short-term latency prediction now available. Our latency root cause analytics is planned to be available later this year. Contact us for details.

May 26th 2023 – Montreal. LatenceTech will participate to Collision 2023 event on June 26th to 29th in Toronto Canada. We are proud to demo our technology within the Québec Pavilion at the event. Come and see us on Thursday June 29th.

May 24th 2023 – Montreal. LatenceTech will participate to Viva Technology, Europe’s Biggest Startup and Tech Event, on June 14th to 16th in Paris, France. We are proud to demo our technology within the Orange booth at the event. Come and see us at booth # J15 – 017 on Wednesday June 14th.

April 6th 2023 – Montreal. LatenceTech is proud to announce the results of our recent Carbon Footprint and Energy Impact analysis (LCA) on our active monitoring solution for wireless networks. Our real-time solution is designed to track and predict reliable low latency connectivity, while also being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

We are excited to report that our analysis has revealed that our solution consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional passive monitoring solutions (using hardware and processing huge log files). This means that not only is our solution better for the environment, but it can also help businesses save on energy costs.

At LatenceTech, we are committed to developing innovative technology that is both high-performance and sustainable. We believe that by prioritizing energy efficiency, we can help build a better future for our planet.

If you would like to learn more about our active monitoring solution and the results of our study, please do not hesitate to contact us.


March 2nd 2023 – Barcelona. LatenceTech is pleased to announce the official launch of its Mobile Latency Measurement application in both Trial (free) and Professional versions. Available on both IoS and Android, it offers the ability to perform “latency spot checks”. Results are directly displayed on the app screen and, for the Pro version, also sent to the Analyzer, together with geolocation data, to perform analytics (e.g. assess stability and volatility of latency) and offer live visualisation of latencies on heatmaps.

March 1st 2023 – Barcelona. LatenceTech is pleased to announce the official product launch of its real-time cloud-native active monitoring and forecasting solution for 5G and private cellular networks with a focus on ultra-low latency connectivity.

The solution has been successfully trialed by mobile operators and telecom integrators in North America and in Europe and proved its capability to continuously assess wireless network quality and provide forecasts and explanations of latency levels and variations. To test and improve its technology, LatenceTech has had the privilege of participating in various technology development and acceleration initiatives, including the renowned Orange Fab, Google for Startups Accelerator Canada and MobilityXLab Innovation Hub (Sweden) programs, which rely on the participation of world-class players.

Links to Press Release: EnglishFrench

February 28th 2023 – LatenceTech present at MWC at Orange booth showcasing our solution to Orange VIPs and booth visitors. This is Nicolas Gorse, our CTO demoing the solution.

February 27th 2023 – LatenceTech present at MWC at FYFN booth 8.1B61.2.

February 24th 2023 – LatenceTech prepares its visit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We will have our official product launch at the event. More news to come.

February 23rd 2023 – LatenceTech confirms its presence at the Orange booth at Mobile World Congress @ Hall 3 – 3K10 on Tuesday 28/2 in Barcelone. Link to the official Orange Press release on MWC which mentions LatenceTech in English or in French.

February 8th 2023 – Come and visit us at the  Orange booth located at Hall 3 – 3K10 on Tuesday 28/2. You can also visit us at our own booth at FYFN Hall 8 – 1B61.2. Simply pass by or se this link to reserve a slot during the event.

February 1st 2023 – Small video of the preliminary results of our connected autonomous car project where we analyzed the quality and the latency of the 4G and 5G networks in real time and made network quality/latency forecasts for the next few minutes in support of the autonomous driving system. PoC done with Ericsson and Veoneer (Sweden).

January 17th 2023 – Under the MobilityXlab Swedish accelerator program, we are happy announce our participation in a proof-of-concept (PoC) between Ericsson, Veoneer, and Latence Technologies Inc. (Latencetech) on predictive cellular network performance.

January 12th 2023 – LatenceTech solution now available on SIXSQ’s Nuvla EDGE Markeplace allowing us to quickly and easily market and deploy our technology to target customer. Refer to link for Press Release in English or in French.

January 6th 2023 – LatenceTech to participate in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 27th to March 2nd. Come and see us at booth 8.1B61.2 in Hall 8.

January 4th 2023 – Latence Technologies Inc. is now participating to SynerLeap (powered by ABB) accelerator to investigate and confirm the added-value of our latency monitoring and prediction solution for time-critical industrial use cases.

December 28th 2022 – LatenceTech’s is happy to announce its first provisional US patent submission related to its real-time latency monitoring and prediction technology.

December 27th 2022 – LatenceTech’s CEO presentation related to our participation 5G accelerator program Orange Fab :

December 15th 2022 – LatenceTech’s Press Release related to our participation 5G accelerator program Orange Fab including this great quote:

Logo Orange
“Making the most of network resources and optimizing them in a context of increasing automation is one of the focuses of our acceleration program dedicated to 5G. LatenceTech addresses this challenge by strengthening the appeal of 5G as a competitive lever. We are very pleased to welcome LatenceTech this season. This Montreal-based company has developed an innovative solution that caught Orange’s attention due to the differentiation it offers, particularly through better control of service quality,” said Laurent Leboucher, Orange Group CTO.

November 21st 2022 – LatenceTech is proud to be selected for an Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle Award. Our real-time monitoring and prediction tool for 5G & MEC low latency has successfully been tested on Intel’s EDGE/5G Testbed.!

November 18th 2022 – LatenceTech participated in the launch of the 5G accelerator program with Orange Group! More news to come!

November 14th 2022 – LatenceTech started “Night and Day” continuous latency test for 5G millimeter wave frequencies (MMWave) using Encqor 5G network in Montreal Canada. The tests will last for a few weeks to assess the level and volatility of MMWave latency and compare it with 5G mid-band and with WIFI6. Results will be available on demand. Contact us if you are interested.

October 13th 2022 – LatenceTech participated to Arch Summit trade show in Luxembourg. Thanks again to the visitors who came to our booth for a live demo of our 5G and Private LTE monitoring solution.

October 13th 2022 – LatenceTech’s CEO Benoit Gendron presented at IEEE Future Networks World Forum Event in Montreal and explained the importance of sustained low latency for time-critical application and future networks.

September 28-30th 2022 – LatenceTech participated to Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks again to the visitors who came to our booth for a live demo of our 5G and Private LTE monitoring solution.

September 15th 2022 – LatenceTech selected by C2 Montréal Emerging Entrepreneur contest. Thanks to the C2 Jury and the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal. Refer to press release here.

September 13th 2022 – Emmanuel Audousset (left) and Benoit Gendron (second to left) from LatenceTech just visited Cap Gemini’s 5G and Private LTE lab in Paris.

August 30th 2022 – LatenceTech’s to participate in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 27th to 2 March 2nd 2023 with a booth in the FYFN section. More information to come later.

August 25th 2022 – LatenceTech’s formal press release on our participation in the GOOGLE FOR STARTUPS ACCELERATOR CANADA program: English French

July 21st 2022 – LatenceTech to participate in Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas on September 28th to 30th. Come and see us at booth W2.1522 !

July 20th 2022 – LatenceTech in the press! Link to the article on BetaKit here

July 18th 2022 – We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the third @GoogleforStartups Accelerator Canada. As part of the class, we’ll join 11 other startups to work with @GoogleCanada and industry experts over the next three months. See Google’s Press Release and details here: .

LatenceTech is selected by Google Accelerator Class of 2022

June 23rd 2022 – LatenceTech participated in Collision 2022 trade show for startups in Toronto. We held a booth, in the Québec Pavilion, on Thursday June 23rd. Check the Blog post for a video sneak peak at our booth.

In the picture: Benoit Gendron (CEO), with Sian Morgan, ing., CPA (CPO) and Nicolas GORSE (CTO)

LatenceTech Booth @ Collision
LatenceTech Booth @ Collision 2022

June 15th 2022 – LatenceTech has been selected in MobilityXlab Batch9! We will soon be paired with leading industry partners in Scandinavia to co-create innovative mobility solutions requiring ultra-low latency connectivity. Link to mobilityXLab own Press Release and links to our own Press Releases in English and French.

June 15th 2022 – LatenceTech’s CEO spoke at Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) on how 5G is an industrial Game Changer!

Notre président a été conférencier au Salon de la Technologie de Fabrication de Montréal (SFTM) sur comment la 5G changera la vie de l’industrie!

June 10th 2022 – LatenceTech has now relocated to a dedicated office in Centech’s Propulsion accelerator building. Our new address is 400 Montfort Street, office M-2330, Montreal (Qc) Canada H3C 4J9

June 2nd 2022 – LatenceTech is pleased to announce its admission to Newchip’s US-based Pre-Seed Accelerator program, a world-class business accelerator that targets the most promising young companies in their industry.

“Our admission to Newchip’s Pre-Seed Accelerator program is a strong vote of confidence in the quality of our team and the relevance of our technology. Through this program, LatenceTech will not only enrich its know-how, but will also be able to build relationships with a reputable partner that works closely with a vast network of investors in a variety of industries and around the world. We are confident that our participation in this program will strengthen LatenceTech and help open new horizons for our company,” said Benoit Gendron, President and CEO.

Refer to Press Releases in both English and French,

May 19th 2022 – We are excited to announce that our company LatenceTech has been selected to participate in the Summer 2022 Cohort of the Propulsion program at Centech Montreal, Canada, a world-class deeptech and medtech incubator. This 2-year support will allow us to strengthen the foundations of our organization and propel our
entrepreneurial project!

Refer to Press Releases in both English and French

May 5th 2022 – LatenceTech is happy to partner with Ori Industries and offer our SaaS Analytics for 5G and EDGE, with a focus on ultra low-latency, pushing forward Ori’s great EDGE Compute solutions. Details on our blog and on this EDGEhog blog post.

May 4th 2022 – LatenceTech participated in Expo Entrepreneurs exhibition this week featuring Montreal’s Startup Ecosystem. We demoed our 5G SaaS analytics with live latency and QoS measurements from the Encqor 5G network.

LatenceTech Booth at Expo Entrepreneurs 2022 with a 5G modem and a live demo of our SAAS Analytics of 5G QoS and ultra-low latency

April 14th 2022 – LatenceTech selected in Top 20 innovative Startups in Montreal by non-profit organization StartupMontreal
Press Releases : in English in French

Grant+ award 2022 from StartupMontréal
given by Martin Granger, associate
Stéphanie Major, principal director
Deloitte Canada
Photo credit: Vanessa Cyr, photograph

April 13th 2022 – New blog post, written by Benoit & Sian, on the gap between network and application-level latency aka “Mobile apps have Ping for breakfast!”.
Have a look here

March 21st 2022 – New blog post, written by Sian Morgan, on “shopping for latency” looking at ultra-low latency as a new key requirement for connectivity.
Have a look here

March 14th 2022 – LatenceTech starting a pilot project with a large mobile operator for tracking, predicting and monetizing ultra-low latency, high reliability and other key indicators of 5G Quality of Service.

February 9th 2022 – LatenceTech selected for a joint innovation project with one of Encqor’s partner. The scope is to collect live data from the 5G network and, using AI/ML methods, detect anomalies with the objective to improve the Quality of Service of 5G connectivity. Links to site in English / in French or download the PR files here: EN / FR

January 24th 2022 – LatenceTech’s CEO Benoit Gendron interviewed in Québec’s local business newspaper Les Affaires on the coming “New Era enabled by 5G” which will positively affect consumers and industries:

December 20th 2021 – LatenceTech has also completed Centech MTL Acceleration 2021 program for “deep tech” startups. It helped us clarify our value proposition and product roadmap to better serve the needs of our customers.

November 17th 2021 – LatenceTech happy to have been selected for a grant by City of Montreal branch PME MTL offering coaching and financing for entrepreneurs.

November 9th 2021 – LatenceTech performed a second series of 5G mmWave (28GHz) tests using the Encqor 5G network in Montreal, Canada. Results: 1.8Gbps, Network Latency using ICMP @ 11.2ms, Application-level latency using mix of http & tcp packets @ 30.2ms. Below is a snapshot of our live Multi-Site Network Dashboard.

October 30th 2021 – LatenceTech has moved in WeWork L’avenue in front of Bell Center downtown Montreal. As most of us are getting back to the office, it will give us a better work environment and improved space for customer meetings.

October 1st 2021 – LatenceTech is proud to have completed the NextAI – Montréal 2021 program. Next AI is an accelerator and founder development program for artificial intelligence-based ventures where we further developed our advanced analytics capabilities to assess 5G Quality of Service (premised/sold vs. effectively offered).

September 6th 2021 – LatenceTech is now part of Centech’s Acceleration program. A 12 week program to validate the potential of the technological project, confirm the business model and strengthen teams and further lay the organizational foundation.

August 17th 2021 – LatenceTech has been received a grant from Quebec’s Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation to further enhance our product with AI-based features. A formal press release will follow soon with details.

July 26th 2021 – LatenceTech will regularly publish blog posts on 5G, on ultra-low latency and high reliability, on our product and business development. Click here for first one below.

July 23rd 2021 – Update to LatenceTech Dashboards. Version 2 of our real-time AI-based 5G monitoring dashboard are now available. See an example below and look at our Product page for snapshots and request a demo!

June 7th 2021 – LatenceTech signed a Letter of Intent for a Co-Development of real-time and AI-based modules related to 5G Anomaly Detection. Official Press release to come later this summer.

May 31st 2021 – LatenceTech setups in new location downtown Montreal at Centech, office C.0105

1000 Rue Saint-Jacques (office C.0105) Montréal, QC, Canada H3C 1G7

April 30th 2021 – Latence Technologies successfully completed final stage of University of Montreal (Canada) incubator DataPreneur cohort 2020.

April 16, 2021 – LatenceTech CEO Benoit Gendron meets and presents our Start-up to Minister Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon during the 5G Encqor Roundtable.

March 20th 2021 – Latence Technologies featured in Montreal’s main newspaper