LatenceTech at Collision!

LatenceTech team were present at the Collision 2022 event last week in Toronto. We have met prospective customers, technology partners and potential investors as we have now opened our first fundraising campaign. Here’s a short video clip (<1min) our CEO presenting our booth: Contact us if you are interested in having a similar live demonstrationContinue reading “LatenceTech at Collision!”

LatenceTech partnering with Ori Industries

Enjoy latency-optimised networks globally, powered by real-time 5G analytics Get details be clicking on the above link or below Download Solution Brief here Latency is a big challenge for enterprises; it makes it difficult to deliver at scale, and it can be expensive to mitigate. Ori Industries and LatenceTech understand the unique challenges for scalingContinue reading “LatenceTech partnering with Ori Industries”

The Secrets Hidden in CPRI

Written by Parsa Alamzadeh and Siân Morgan If you want to start a riot in a room full of radio engineers, start talking about CPRI and watch those conference muffins fly.    The Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) was defined by 3GPP to connect two functions in the cellular radio network: it links the Remote RadioContinue reading “The Secrets Hidden in CPRI”

Shopping for latency?

Why IT’s wish-list just got a little longer… Written by Siân Morgan, link to Bio When the IT department starts shopping around for a telecommunication services provider, it has a lot of things on its mind.  It’s looking at connectivity requirements: Wi-Fi on the shop floor, mobile phones for the sales team, wired Ethernet inContinue reading “Shopping for latency?”