About us

We are a fast growing AI & Telecom tech company offering a real-time tracking, prediction and monetization solution related to ultra-low latency and high reliability of 5G cellular and 4G/LTE/5G private networks.

Our Team:

Benoit Gendron – CEO and co-founder

  • 24 years at Ericsson, in sales (~25M$ achieved quota per year), marketing, business development and product management of mobile networks and telecom solutions (IMS, OSS, BSS)
  • Work experience in Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Africa.
  • M. Sc Information Systems – HEC Montréal (U. of Montreal Business School)

Nicolas Gorse – CTO and co-founder

  • Ph.D. Computer Sciences, U of Montreal
  • 15 years of expertise in technology, software development and startups

Emmanuel Audousset – VP business development EU

  • Ph.D. Computer Sciences, U of Montreal
  • CRO & Founder of Astellia acquired by EXFO. CMO at Orange

An strong DevOps/MLOps Team!

  • Growing team with expertise in
    • Agile Software Development using continous integration / continous deployment (CI/CD)
    • Distributed Networks using cloud architecture and EDGE computing
    • Real-time high velocity and low latency data streaming using Kafka and Akka Streams
    • Responsive and Reactive software development using cutting edge development tools like Scala and Akka
    • Time-Series Databases
    • Real-time data visualization and reporting
    • Container Orchestration using K8S & Docker
    • Specialized rugged software development using ADA

Proud partner of the following Canadian programs:

Encqor 5G program

Having deployed a live 5G network in five Canadian cities where LatenceTech has an ongoing live trial assessing ultra-low latency and high reliability 24/7/365.

LatenceTech has also completed Centech MTL Acceleration 2021 program for “deep tech” startups. It helped us clarify our value proposition and product roadmap to better serve the needs of our customers. We are now part of Centech’s Propulsion 2022 cohort.

Latence Technologies is pround to have completed the Next AI in 2021 cohort (AI incubator based in Canada) paving the way for more advanced real-time analytics in our ultra-low latency tracking and monetization solution for 5G networks.

LatenceTech is also supported by Startup Montreal, IVADO and Québec’s Ministère de l’économie et de l’innovation.