About us

We are a fast growing AI & Telecom tech company offering a tracking, prediction and monetization solution related to ultra-low latency and high reliability of 5G cellular and 4G/LTE/5G private networks.

Our Team:

Benoit Gendron – Founder and CEO

  • 24 years at Ericsson, in sales (~25M$ per year), marketing, business development and product management of mobile networks and telecom solutions (IMS, OSS, BSS)
  • Work experience in Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Africa.
  • M. Sc Information Systems – HEC Montréal (U. of Montreal Business School)

Nicolas Gorse – Technical Director

Ph.D. Computer Sciences

An efficient DevOps Team!

  • Growing team with expertise in
    • Agile Software Development using continous integration / continous deployment (CI/CD)
    • Distributed Networks using cloud architecture and EDGE computing
    • Real-time high velocity and low latency data streaming using Kafka and Akka Streams
    • Responsive and Reactive software development using cutting edge development tools like Scala and Akka
    • Time-Series Databases
    • Real-time data visualization and reporting
    • Container Orchestration

A technical partnership with ETS Professor Kim Khoa Nguyen