Monitor low latency for time-critical innovations

An innovative way to track and predict latency-optimized 5G and Private LTE Networks

LatenceTech offers a real-time cloud analytics and monetization solution for cellular networks with a special focus on ultra-low latency connectivity. Using SAAS and AI, our solution helps mobile operators, telecom vendors and advanced industries to track, predict and secure the new benefits of 5G and Private LTE cellular networks in support of time-sensitive innovations.

We collect real-time 5G network status (from devices or network nodes), perform aggregation and advanced analytics using AI & ML tools, and present key 5G indicators to accurately track customer commitments & service quality (SLAs). The solution, offered to mobile operators, also offers a new innovative approach to monetize low-latency 5G connectivity towards B2B industrial customers.

An optimized end-to-end response time under 15 milliseconds (in combination with EDGE) will be the main technology disruption of 5G mobile networks and will, in our opinion, have a much greater impact than bandwidth improvements… The other key improvement in 5G is the high reliability targeting 99,999% which allows new industrial innovation.

Key benefits of 5G cellular technology

Ultra Reliability and Low Latency (URLLC) will allow new industrial use cases (aligned with the Industry 4.0 concept) by replacing slow, unsecured and obsolete wireline and wireless networks and allowing instantaneous interactions with 5G connected equipments such as robots, AR/VR glasses and vehicles.

Ultra-low latency connectivity is disruptive and will profoundly transform the value chain of several industries by allowing them to address new profit pools and increase cost efficiency. New services such as smart wireless manufacturing processes, teleoperations of remote equipment, AR/VR glasses for workers, massive industrial IoT, real-time monitoring of moving assets, telemedicine, etc…. Many of these need between 1 and 15 milliseconds of latency to be fully efficient and secure (see below).

Ultra-Low Latency use cases

We firmly believe that it is essential to continuously measure, track and predict ultra-low latency and high reliability of 5G connectivity to ensure a sustained quality of service which his required for many applications and equipment.

Our solution does exactly that, and more! We aim to understand ultra-low latency “behaviors” in changing environments and use cases, analyze variations, detect anomalies, prevent degradations and to obtain daily insights constantly improving the 5G network.

Our simple 3-step approach:

We are using non-intrusive software agent and capture technologies to collect 5G network ultra-low latency and high reliability data from devices, applications and network equipment including EDGE nodes, Radio Equipment (RU), Distribution Units (DU) / Baseband, Control Unit (CU) or via CPRI/eCPRI links, etc.

Data is collected in real-time and stored on our (or your) secured SAAS environment, automatically aggregated to extract relevant indicators and KPIs. We apply AI/ML to perform real-time advanced analysis (see details below).

We have defined useful and intuitive dashboards to visualize real-time metrics related to low latency, high reliability, bandwidth, routes taken by your data, etc. giving your insights for continuous improvements and to track SLA commitments.

AI-based software modules are monitoring and tracking low-latency and high reliability Service Level Agreement (SLA) and compares the results with your QoS objectives. the solution will notify you (or your end B2B customer) if anything is wrong.

LatenceTech Cloud Analytics overview

Live view your 5G KPIs!

We collect & aggregate relevant 5G connectivity metrics (in real-time), 5G environmental data (weather, power levels, etc.) and other metrics you may be interested in on a 24/7 basis providing a real-time view of the customer SLA, again with a special focus on latency and reliability.

One of many real-time dashboard to view latency, reliability and other KPIs in real-time. See Products page for a video demo.

Explain 5G latency variations and predict tomorrow’s QoS

We use of AI/ML-based methods, statistics and data sciences to perform real-time decomposition analytics of low latency sub-components (propagation, transmission, etc.) to identify factors affecting your network latency, reliability and other Quality of Service indicators.

Snapshot of LatenceTech real-time Latency Decomposition Analytics dashboard. contact us for a live demo.

We even push it further and provide you with predictive analysis so that you can view the probable evolution of your end-to-end latency in the next few hours and days (within predefined level of confidence). Patterns could also be detected to help you prevent breach of SLA, adjust network capacity and perform preventive maintenance.

LatenceTech Real-time 5G Latency Predictive Analysis dashboard. Contact us for a live demo

Monetize ultra-low latency and other strengths of 5G!

Mobile Operators did not deploy a 5G network only to provide extra bandwidth to consumers for some extra dollars per month… They also want to monetise the real technology disruption of 5G which is obviously the new improved reliability and ultra-low latency (URLLC), specially aiming to double their B2B market share (and revenues) by promoting the deployment of 5G connectivity to new industrial customers.

LatenceTech has developed a “business model innovation”… a new approach to monetize sustained low-latency 5G connectivity to the industrial sector supported by a real-time smart and AI-based monetization tool.

Contact us to have a discussion on the above, we will share our ideas and give insights.

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