Visualize and analyze your latency issues in real time

Optimize your connectivity with real-time monitoring, prediction and by performing an in-depth analysis of your network using our AI software.

Trusted by some of the best

End-to-end real-time observability for your network quality and latency

Helping you (re)focus on safety and operability of your critical applications

By hosting and managing all software and infrastructure on our platform, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on operations and maintenance.

Also easy to deploy on our own cloud infrastructure or servers using our container-based components

  • Quick to install and use as software-only
  • End-to-end Quality of Experienced visualisation
  • Real-time active monitoring of quality and latency
  • Diagnostics and recommendations
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AI Analytics

of network quality and latency

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Easy to deploy

as software-only containers

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Cloud Enabled

with APIs for data and alerts

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Visualisation & Alerting

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Confidence level

ML or Stats driven

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of latency forecasts

Enabled to predict latency variations and prevent issues with your connected innovation

Set thresholds and get advanced immediate warnings on degrading network connectivity performance

  • Prevent issues
  • Maintain business continuity
  • Ensure safety
  • Avoid production slowdowns

Compatible with all your networking technologies

Built for Public and Private 5G networks but supports all wireless and wireline networks

  • Software-based Agents to collect network and contextual data collection such as GPS location
  • Multiple network and IP protocols used in real-time
  • Cloud-native Analytics platform based on Docker containers
  • Use of Industrial Protocols to also mesure QoS as experienced by equipment
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5G SA/NSA friendly

Validated on several 5G networks

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Supports any wireless or wireline networks

4G, LTE, WIFI, Cable (CTMS) , FTTH, etc.

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Easy Integration

With APIs and data access

Solution Overview

Refer to products page for details

When and Why use our monitoring solution?

When considering your industrial, mobility or IIoT use case…

  • Is stable upper-bounded latency critical for your use case ?
  • Is having real-time end-to-end visibility of network quality and latency important for your use case ?
  • Would obtaining predictive alarms about the quality of the network be required to keep the use case running, safe, reliable and prevent issues ?
  • Would variations in connectivity performance impact the use case and the overall business continuity or product quality?

If you have answered YES to some of the above questions, contact us to discuss

Simple packages for various use cases

Straight forward software packages with low cost subscriptions including licenses, online documentation, responsive online support and access to updates and upgrades.

Lab / Trial

(4 weeks)

Then with low fee for 3 months

  • Components:
    5 QoS Agents
    1 Reflectors
    1 Mobile application
    Shared Analyzer
  • Real-time Dashboards:
    Network Summary
    Latency KPIs
    Detailed Latency
    MultiAgent comparison
  • Threshold-based Alerting on latency levels and KPIs
  • AI Anomaly detection on latency peaks and levels
  • Multi-protocol:
    TCP and UDP
  • Online Support with access to update and upgrades
  • Online documentation


Pricing on demand

Contains Lab package items plus:

  • Components:
    +5 QoS Agents
    +2 Reflector
    +5 Mobile applications
    1 Analyzer
  • Real-time Dashboards:
    Latency Forecasting
    Advanced KPIs
    Latency Heat maps
  • Advanced Rule-based Alerting on latency levels and KPIs
  • Diagnostics and recommendations
  • APIs to access data and notifications
  • Onboarding package with system integration and support services
  • Responsive support


Price on demand

Contains Core package items plus:

  • Components:
    +20 QoS Agents
    +5 Reflector
    +10 Mobile applications
  • Real-time Dashboards:
    Customized Dashboards to support your low latency use case
    Network View
    Trace Route
  • Multi-protocol:
    Scada (soon)
    Modbus (soon)
  • Advanced and low energy Throughput measurements
  • Orchestrated deployment tools:
    Kubernetes Helm Charts
    OpenShift yaml
  • Professional Services package with system integration and support services
  • Priority support

Test our Mobile Latency Measurement and assess your current connectivity latency!


Frequently asked questions

How do you measure network and application latency?
A “QoS Agent” deployed nearby the connected equipment or application uses an active monitoring approach i.e. it transfers small data payloads using multiple-protocols with a target. We calculate precise timestamps and send results to analysis.
Which protocols are you using to measure latency?
We use the classic ICMP but found that the results are less and less accurate due to network complexity/layers/priorities. Hence, we also use TWAMP for network level latency evaluations. But no applications will ever use these protocols hence we also measure using TCP, UDP and HTTP/S/3 and Industrial protocols such as Profinet and soon Scada and Modbus.
Can the solution measure other quality metrics ?
Yes. It also measures Bandwidth using iPerf3 and our own special energy efficient throughput measurement protocol, Jitter and Packet Loss.
What data volume does your solution use to monitor latency?
About 2Mb per day or 50Mb per month using typical parameters enabling multiple measurements per minute and per protocol. The big data usage comes from bandwidth measurements hence shall be done less often when using iPerf.
How to you create dynamic latency heat maps ?
When available, we can collect GPS data and associate it with latency measurements. This can be done using our mobile app or using our Contextual Agent. The heat map is a great tool to identify latency weak spots.
Can I deploy multiple QoS Agents and Reflectors ?
Yes, is it possible to use multiple pairs of QoS agents – Reflectors to track quality and latency if multiple network paths. Furthermore, multiple QoS Agents can connect with the same Reflector. Multiple deployments can offer a segmented view facilitating real-time assessments of the connectivity performance.
How can you assess the stability of the network latency ?
First, we aggregate protocol-based measurements to form real-time indicators for network and application latency. Second, we calculate the latency volatility and using other indicators and data, we compute a “Latency Stability” indicator in %. You can then set thresholds and get alarms when stability is below expectations.
How easy is it to install?
It’s quick and easy as the solution is based on software containers and installation scripts. We also have support for Kubernetes and OpenShift. Most time may be spent on deciding where to locate the QoS Agents and Reflectors that is pertinent to your use case and setup the supporting hosts.
Why focus on latency versus bandwidth when assessing connectivity performance?
Both are important BUT many new services, like autonomous cars and robotaxis, teleoperation of remote equipment, portable medical devices, require ** stable low-latency and real-time ** connectivity to function properly, if latency varies too much, those services can quickly become unusable or even dangerous.
How can I try LatenceTech’s solution to support a time-critical use case ?
Check our Lab / Trial package or contact us to discuss details.

Question not answered above? Contact us