Tracking, Prediction and Monetization tools for ultra low latency and highly reliable 5G networks

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Latence Technologies offers a cloud-based monetization and tracking solution related to Ultra-Low Latency & High Reliability (URLLC) of 5G mobile networks.  We collect real-time 5G network status, perform advanced analysis with AI & ML tools, and present key 5G indicators to accurately track customer commitments & service quality (SLAs).

The solution, offered to mobile operators, also offers a new approach to monetize 5G connectivity towards B2B customers.

One more thing… by analyzing end-to-end latency & reliability, we provide methods to identify when an application shall be located on your new EDGE network.

An optimized response time under 15 milliseconds will be the main technology disruption of 5G mobile networks and will, in our opinion, have a much greater impact than bandwidth improvements…

Ultra Reliability and Low Latency (URLLC) will allow new industrial use cases (aligned with the Industry 4.0 concept) by replacing slow, unsecured and obsolete wireline and wireless networks (e.g. Wi-Fi) and allowing instantaneous interactions with 5G connected objects such as robots, AR/VR glasses and vehicles.

Ultra-low latency will allow new services and will profoundly transform the value chain of several industries allowing the automation of manufacturing processes, mining, remote remote operation of equipment, real-time monitoring of moving assets, telemedecine, etc.

It is therefore essential to correctly and continuously measure low latency and high reliability, to understand their “behaviors” in different environments, to analyze their variations and to identify ways of constantly improving them.

“Let us continuously measure your 5G network latency and reliability…

We will find ways to improve it… and provide you with a new approach to monetize it to new B2B customers!”

Benoit Gendron, founder & CEO

Our simple 3 steps approach:

We are using non-intrusive agent and capture technologies to collect 5G network latency and reliability data from devices, applications and network nodes including EDGE nodes.

Collected data is stored on our or your secured cloud environment, automatically aggregated to extract relevant KPIs.

We have defined great dashboards to visualize real-time metrics related to latency, reliability, bandwidth, routes taken by your data, etc.

Alert and threshold managers are consistently monitoring latency and reliability Service Level Agreement (SLA) level versus your objectives and will notify you (or your end customer) if anything is wrong.

View your SLA in real-time!

We collect & aggregate relevant 5G network metrics (and other metrics you may ask us to collect while we are at it!) on a 24/7 basis so that you can view your latency and reliability SLA in real-time every hour of every day.

One of many real-time dashboard to view latency, reliability and other KPIs in real-time

Understand latency variations & explore tomorrow

We use of AI-based methods, statistics and data sciences to decompose and identify anomalies and latency sub-components and factors affecting your network latency, reliability and other Quality of Service indicators.

We even push it further and provide you with predictive analysis so that you can view the probable evolution of your end-to-end latency in the next few hours and days. Patterns could also can be detected to help you prevent breach of SLA.

Example of advanced analysis dashboards under development

Contact us for more details.

Monetize URLLC!

Mobile Operators did not purchased and deployed a 5G network… only provide extra bandwidth to consumers for some extra dollars per month… They also want to monetise the real technology disruption of 5G which is obviously the new improved reliability and ultra-low latency (URLLC), specially to double their B2B market share specially deploying 5G connectivity to new industrial customers.

Contact us to have a discussion on the above, we will share our ideas and give details.

Try Pre-GA Products now!

Prior to our general availabily (GA) cloud-based product launch scheduled for summer 2021, you can benefit of the following pre-launch products and trials at a special introduction price.

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Proud partner of the following Canadian programs:

Encqor 5G program

Latence Technologies selected in the NextAI 2021 cohort (AI incubator based in Montreal, Canada) paving the way for more advanced analytics in our ultra-low latency tracking and monetization solution for 5G networks.

Mitacs in partnership with ETS (engineering) University

Completed and finalist of DataPreneur Incubator program
at University of Montreal

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We are developing SAAS-based tools for mobile operators and industries wanting to track, monetize and reduce latency of their 5G network and applications.

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