Monitor and forecast low latency connectivity to support time-critical innovations

LatenceTech offers a real-time cloud-native monitoring and prediction solution for 5G and Private Cellular networks with a focus on ultra-low latency connectivity. Our solution helps mobile operators, telecom vendors and advanced industries to track, predict and secure the new benefits of low latency networks in support of time-sensitive innovations.

Many new innovative services (teleoperation, telemedicine) and new industrial equipment like motors, robots require stable low latency connectivity to function at their best. To ensure safety and business continuity, continuous tracking of latency is required. This is what we do using a software-based active monitoring and analytics solution.

Our solution provides real-time monitoring and prediction of industrial connectivity using multiple IP and industrial protocols. We supply latency volatility and network stability scores to quickly assess quality levels. We also provide predictive analytics to forecast latency levels and stability in the next few minutes. If predicted latency may exceed the upper bounded limit, we can immediately inform the connected equipment and/or control systems (OSS, Orchestrator, etc.).

We have defined useful and intuitive dashboards to visualize real-time metrics related to low latency levels and volatility, reliability, bandwidth, routes taken by your data, etc. giving your insights for continuous improvements and to track SLA commitments.

Mobile App for latency spot checks and HeatMaps

We also offer a mobile application available on both Android and IoS to perform live latency “spot checks” and generate a geo-located latency “heatmaps”. The app supports any wireless networks (networks 5G, 4G and even WIFI) supported by with your device. The app enables the following use cases:

  • Perform latency walk tests, outdoor or indoor, and on any wireless network to find best and weaker latency spots
  • Perform before and after latency test when optimizing your wireless network
  • Add the app to drive test equipment for detailed latency measurements and analysis

Use above QR codes to download the trial version of the app.

Contact us for details to trial our Pro version.

Explain latency variations and provide latency forecasts for the next few minutes

LatenceTech solution can provide you with latency forecasts so that you can view the probable evolution of your end-to-end latency in the next few minutes. This features enables the following use case:

  • Obtain instant notification (via alarm or API) when the forecasted latency is above a pre-set threshold. This alarm can be sent to the connected device, autonomous car or collaborative robot and/or to operation support system. Having a few seconds to anticipate is often more than enough to maintain safety and ensure business continuity.
  • Contact us for additional use cases using forecasted latency

Pinpoint latency variations

We also use of AI/ML-based methods, statistics and data sciences to perform real-time root cause analytics of low latency sub-components (propagation, transmission, etc.) to identify sources and factors affecting your network latency, reliability and other Quality of Service indicators. Contact us for details

Monetize ultra-low latency (URLLC) and other benefits of 5G!

Mobile Operators did not deploy a 5G network only to provide extra bandwidth to consumers for some extra dollars per month… They also want to monetise the real technology disruption of 5G which is obviously the new improved reliability and ultra-low latency (URLLC), specially aiming to double their B2B market share (and revenues) by promoting the deployment of 5G connectivity to new industrial customers.

LatenceTech has developed a “business model innovation”… a new approach to monetize sustained low-latency 5G connectivity to the industrial sector supported by a real-time smart and AI-based monetization tool.

Contact us to have a discussion on the above, we will share our ideas and give insights.

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Active monitoring and prediction of 5G and Private LTE quality and low latency to support time-critical innovations

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